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Welcome to my shop! My name is Elizabeth! My puppy CEO Toby and I are the creators and of Hand & Paw Creations! Toby has been the inspiration and quality product checker of all our products, and he does a fine job! If you have followed me from my previous Etsy page thank you and welcome to the new and improved home of Hand & Paw Creations!

I have joined the Wonderful site that has been created by my Best Friend of over 10 years; aka Momma of a Sasshole! We have TONS of stuff for your Furry loved one, yourself or your loved one who you know is an obsessed animal mama! We take all custom orders just reach out to us and inquire! Don't forget if you're checking out my page, might as well take a look at the rest of the site, I'm sure you'll find some stuff you'll LOVE! 


Local Long Islanders, you can come by and shop live on weekends, just stay up to date with our "Where to Find Us" Section where we keep our upcoming fairs listed! 

Scrunchie Style Bandanas

Useful Items for You & Your "Fur"end 

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